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Khadijah and Zainab Wahab

Before we offered them a full Academic Scholarship, at aged 10 and 12 , they have never seen the walls of a classroom. Prior to the scholarship, They would instead hawk wares for their grandmother with whom they lived with because their parents are separated,

Since 2017, This sisters has been on our full academic scholarship plan and we have recorded growth in their academics thus far.

Joseph and Miracle Pilot

Joseph Onah

After the death of his Dad, the task of raising him alone by his mother proved quite a burden for her. Joseph has a dream of becoming a pilot but without quality education, this dream wouldn’t be possible. 

Joseph got a full primary school scholarship in one of the best primary schools in his community and since 2017, his academic performance has gone above average. 

We provided him with the opportunity of meeting with Miracle Igbokwe (Winner BigbrotherNaija) who is a successful pilot and his dream of becoming a pilot was ignited after asking series of questions.


Lateef Bello (Before)

His eclectic dance steps at the annual DFTS Christmas party won him the hearts of many at the gathering. Lateef had just finished a local primary school but could not continue with his education. He was to be trained as a road side mechanic. Luckily he was offered a full academic scholarship till his university education. 

Lateef Bello (After)

Lateef was discovered to be an orphan who lives with his aged grand mother that struggles to care for him. There was no hope of an education for lateef, altthough he was meant to start a secondary school but obviously his foundation was bad and we had no choice than for him to start his primary school again. Today, Lateef is coping gradually in school and taking up leadership positions within his school environment

Elizabeth and Favour Adekambi

They lost their dad in 2015. With barely enough to feed the kids, their mother struggles hard to keep them in school. We provided to them full primary educational scholarship and supported their mum to set up a business so as to meet their basic needs.

Ganiyah and her twin brother, Ganiyu

Their mother left home years ago and has only been seen once since then. Their father had an accident that incapacitated him. 
The responsibility of their upkeep now rests on the shoulder of their aged grandma who cannot afford to pay their school fees. 
Early this year through the DFTS initiative they were offered a one-year academic scholarship while their grandmother was helped to build a business which will enable her pay for subsequent school fees.

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