Isaac Success Omoyele

Isaac Success Omoyele


Dreams From The Slum (DFTS) Empowerment Initiative was established in 2013 based on three convictions.

1. To ensure that regardless of social status ; every child has access to quality education.

2. That whoever ‘CHASES’ his/her dream, no matter how or where you are born, either in the slum, rural community or a remote and desolate area; you will definitely become it.

3. Your background doesn’t have the right to make your back be on the ground. ” You may be born in the slum, but the slum is not born in you”.

Since its inception, DFTS has pioneered innovative strategies to achieve this through the following approach:

Our Approach
Through our approach to Education, we provide children with the opportunity to borrow books and read in our library facility and we have adopted over 1,000 out of school children back into school in Nigeria by providing scholarship opportunities and access to basic school materials such as notebooks, bags, textbooks, shoes, etc.
Also, to enhance the quality of education in the slum, our teacher’s readiness program trains educators in low-cost primary schools in rural communities, and we are extremely excited about the effect this is having on learners through their academic performance.

Through our approach via Empowerment, we provide teenage mothers with livelihood skills so that they can be self-reliant and live purpose-driven lives; knowing that they have the potential to contribute meaningfully in our society, not minding their dreams and aspirations being delayed due to their misinformed choices. However, we make them realize they have a second chance to rewrite the outcome of their lives through our ‘Young mothers Academy’

Other women have not been left behind especially the parents of the beneficiaries as we get them engaged through livelihood skills so they can be self-employed and meet the basic needs of their children.


Through our Mentoring approach, we provide career guidance to children and teenagers by helping them discover their unique abilities and passion, revolutionize the way they learn, and get them exposed.

They are also exposed to self-discovery and leadership training programs as we are committed to developing their self-esteem.

I am grateful for the privilege we have to be a blessing am I am proud of the movement we are building, one which replaces sympathy with empathy.

Through the support of our highly esteemed Board members, Executives/Staff, donors, and wonderful supporters – including our committed volunteers, friends, and family, DFTS has made and is still making a huge impact.

With your continued support, we will ensure that the dreams of vulnerable persons living in the slum become a reality.

I honor you!

Amb. Isaac Success Omoyele
Dreams From The Slum Empowerment Initiative

We have been changing lives for over 7 years

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