About Us

The children may be born in the slum, but the slum is not born in them. They have got valid dreams...

- Over 7 Years of impact

- Over 50 Communities impacted

- Over 10,000 persons reached directly and 50,000 indirectly

Dreams from the slum is an initiative committed to making the dreams of vulnerable persons living in remote and desolate communities a reality through three pronged approach on Education, Empowerment and Mentorship.
The initiative reaches out to majorly children, young mothers and rural women. Since inception, over 20,000 persons have benefited from this initiative. 

Our Pet Project

Through Our Pet project ”My Dream Stead Place” we offer the following services:
  • A Library
  • A Low cost School
  • A Mentoring Hub
  • Consultancy for SMEs
    Through our literacy campaigns, over 1,000 vulnerable children and teenagers have been enrolled back into school since inception in 2013; as we ensure that every child regardless of social status has access to quality education.


DFTS Love 18

Achievements and Awards

  • We have successfully helped 100 women to start and grow their businesses
  • Every year, 50 out of school children are sponsored back to school
  • Fellow of Leap Africa Social Innovators Programme 2015
  • Humanitarian Award by Rotaract Club of Ogudu 2016
  • Tush Awards on Best Use of Advocacy 2015 & 2016
  • Award of humanitarian Service by Great Minds Organisation
  • Selfless service Award by Nigerian Volunteers Award 2017

Our Mission

To make the dreams of persons living in the slum a reality using Education, Empowerment and Mentoring.

Our Vision

To develop the mentality of persons living in the slum by making them have the resolve to be more

Our Purpose

Our purpose is spreading love, inspiring smiles and giving hope.

Our Approach

Our approach is Education, Mentorship and Empowerment.

Our Core Values

Empathy, Integrity, Excellence and Determination