Dreams from the slum is an initiative committed to making the dreams of vulnerable persons living in remote and desolate communities a reality through three-pronged approaches to Education, Empowerment, and Mentorship.

A development cum charity initiative for most vulnerable children living in remote and desolate communities.

Our Vision

To develop the mentality of persons living in the slum by making them have the resolve to be more

These kids require your help!

Our Mission

To make the dreams of persons living in the slum a reality using Education, Empowerment, and Mentoring


Our Plan

Dreams From The Slum is driven by 3 major convictions: Education, Mentorship and Empowerment. We have been working to help vulnerable people and children for more than 7 years and we have achieved great successes.

Our Core Values

Our deepest values lie in the expression of love and support for our fellow humans. This makes the world a brighter and better place to stay in. You can extend a hand of love and be the reason someone lives a better life by supporting our cause financially.

Our Impact

Through the support of our highly esteemed  Board members,  Executives/Staff, donors, and wonderful supporters – including our committed volunteers, friends, and family, Dreams From The Slum Initiatives has made and is still making huge impact.