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What we have done

Dreams From The Slum Empowerment Initiative has been able to start and continue certain programmes since inception   


Smart In School Project

#SmartInSchool Project is designed to orientate people living in the slum on inclusiveness, support for children with dyslexia, limb loss and provide educational scholarships, and educational materials for rural and out of school children so they can be smart in school in the new school session.


Read Aloud Book Club

Through this club, our facility is open to children and teenagers to borrow books and read on a weekly base. The read aloud book club emphasizes on the power of words.

Weekend Literacy Classes

his is  aimed to teach the kids basic literally skills,infuse values and morals into them so they have an healthy self esteem not allowing their locality to be an hindrance to their
future as children.

Feed A Child Scheme

We observed that most of the kids’ poor performance in school is due to the fact that they go to school on empty stomach, this inspired us to set up a daily feeding scheme .
The children are more excited to be in school knowing that they will have food to eat and this makes them learn.

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Low Cost School

The slums remind us of how much work still needs to be done.That is why we are taking school to the slums because we believe every child regardless of their social status deserves an education. We can begin to reduce inequality by ensuring that even when children born in the slums, the slum is not born in them. That they aim higher, dream bigger and shine brighter….We believe that education for all is the responsibility of all.

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Medical Outreach

We partner with other non-governmental organization whose major concern is in health outreaches to the undeserved community slums.
Through such collaborations, we run medical outreaches on a quarterly base to ensure proper health and well being of people in the slum.


Young Mothers Academy

We provide teenage pregnant girls with livelihood skills so that they can be self reliant and live purpose driven lives; knowing that they have the potential to contribute meaningfully in our society, not minding their dreams and aspirations been delayed due to their misinformed choices. However, we make them realize they have a second chance to rewrite the outcome of their life through our ‘Young mothers Academy

Other Projects

Other activities we embark on include:

Smiling Season

We provide food supplies for families during festive seasons and we expose the kids by taking them to places they’ve always dreamt of visiting, connecting them to role models who will inspire and make them dream more . We believe in making them have a dream outside the slum by expanding their horizon through fun.

Mentor a Child

This is an open call where a child is assigned to a mentor as we believe that every child deserves a role model and mentor. An adult who will guide and inspire them to be the champions they need to be. The mentor ship relationship with the child extends to knowing his family, school etc in a bid to ensure that the child's dream becomes a reality.

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