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Ajegunle Emergency Food Relief for COVID-19

Since 29th March 2020, we have been consistent in giving daily meals to poor people living in Ajegunle. We have also held several outreaches to help them with palliatives during this hard times.


Read Aloud Book Club

Through this club, our facility is open to children and teenagers to borrow books and read on a weekly base. The read aloud book club emphasizes on the power of words.


Smart In School Project

We help children to be smart in School on an annual basis.

You can change a life

Your donation is among the biggest part of our budget and makes a huge difference in the lives of the pople we help. Each donations matter, even the smallest ones. Donate and someone’s life will get better!

Our Plan

Dreams From The Slum is driven by 3 major convictions: Education, Mentorship and Empowerment. We have been working to help vulnerable people and children for more than 7 years and we have achieved great successes.

  • 7 Years of Impact
  • Over 10,000 People Reached across Nigeria

Our deepest values lie in the expression of love and support for our fellow humans. This makes the world a brighter and better place to stay in. You can extend a hand of love and be the reason someone lives a better life by supporting our cause financially.