Our Impact

Khadijah and Zainab Wahab

aged 10years and 12 years were offered full scholarship by DFTS in January 2017. Prior to this scholarship Zainab had never seen the walls of a classroom while Khadijah only attended school briefly. They would instead hawk wares for their grandmother with whom they stay.

Joseph Onah

lost his dad 6years years ago. The task of raising him alone by his mother proved quite a burden for her. Before his scholarship which was facilitated by DFTS he attended a one room school built from planks. Now he attends a much bigger and better school.

Lateef Bello

His eclectic dance steps at the annual DFTS Christmas party won him the hearts of many at the gathering. 13-year-old Lateef had just finished a local primary school but could not continue with his education. He was to be trained as a road side mechanic. Luckily he has been offered a full academic scholarship.

Oluchi Gift Mbanugo

Gift’s dream of being a lawyer was almost truncated when she had to stop schooling. Learning her story DFTS took up her schooling responsibilities. Today she has graduated from primary school and now in a secondary school

Elizabeth and Favour Adekambi

lost their dad in 2015. With barely enough to feed the kids, their mother struggles hard to keep them in school. This year however started for them on a beautiful note as DFTS secured scholarship for the beautiful sisters with support for their mum to set up a business.

Ganiyah and her twin brother Ganiyu

have had it rough. Their mother left home years ago and has only been seen once since then. Their father had an accident that incapacitated him. The responsibility of their upkeep now rests on the shoulder of their aged grandma who cannot afford to pay their school fees. Early this year through the DFTS initiative they were offered a one-year academic scholarship while their grandmother was helped to build a business which will enable her pay for subsequent school fees..

Three years out of school Amina and Hassan AbdulRahman were offered full academic scholarship this year. They were more than happy to wear a school uniform again.